Ubisoft Toronto NEXT Modelling Student Competition 2019 Entry

Hey everyone, this is my submission to Ubisofts NEXT student contest! For this competition, we needed to make an environment based on the story we were provided. To read more about the Eerie, Lovecraftian horror scene, here a link to the brief:

I'm beyond excited to compete again next year, so watch out, Ubisoft!

To make the wood floors, I followed a tutorial by Jacob Norris, AKA PurePolygons. You can check him out here:

Liam o hagan highresscreenshot00121

Beauty shot 1

Liam o hagan highresscreenshot00122

Beauty shot 2

Liam o hagan highresscreenshot00125

Desk overview

Liam o hagan 5

Close-up of desk

Liam o hagan highresscreenshot00126

Close-up of operating table

Liam o hagan highresscreenshot00124

Unlit Textures

Liam o hagan highresscreenshot00123

Detail Lighting

Liam o hagan highresscreenshot00127

Asset Gym