Abandoned Satellite Field

Hey everyone, this is my main portfolio piece for my college demo reel! I had a blast playing with silhouettes and staging, and learned a lot about modular asset creation. This was my first time making grass, and I think it came out looking pretty cool!

Feedback and critiques are more than welcome!

Check out my page to see the rest of my demo reel!

This scene is based off the concept art by Isaac Yeram Kim, you can check him out here!

Liam o hagan shot1

Beauty Shot

Liam o hagan shot3

Close-up of rubble

Liam o hagan 5

Close-up of receiver

Liam o hagan 6

Close-up of barrels

Liam o hagan assetgym2

Asset Gym of various props used to create the scene. (Objects scaled for presentation)